Read These Stop Snoring Tips To Rest Easy At Night

May 16, 2013

Most people do not wish to talk about their snoring problems, which makes finding efficient solutions hard. You will be able to know how to stop snoring through the helpful tips in the following article.
If you smoke and are plagued by snoring issues, try to stop smoking. When you smoke, the tissues in the back of your throat can become irritated and when this happens, your throat can swell up. Swelling of the throat is often the cause of apnea.
Keep your BMI at it's optimum level to reduce snoring. In some cases, the presence of excess fat around your neck can cause your throat to partly obstruct while you sleep and make you snore. If your weight gain is accompanied by a sudden onset of snoring, then it stands to reason that losing that weight will eliminate the problem.
Odd as it may sound, you may be able to treat your apnea problem by singing. The reason is because you exercise your throat muscles when you sing, making them much stronger over time. When you have strong throat muscles, the chances of snoring are reduced. In addition, playing musical instruments, such as the saxophone or trumpet, can aid in strengthening throat muscles.
A "fish face" might get rid of snoring. Making these faces is a real help, as silly as it sounds, because they exercise and strengthen important muscles in your face and throat. Close your mouth and suck your cheeks in. Make movements with your lips, like you're a fish. You should practice this fish-mouth exercise off and on throughout the day.
To prevent snoring, make sure your nasal passages are open. People tend to snore more often if their noses are stuffy, or otherwise blocked. Use steam showers, humidifiers, neti pots or vapor rub to clear your nose. Nasal strips are a good option, as they open up the nasal passages, increasing the amount of air you breathe through your nose.
If you are currently pregnant and your partner notices you are snoring, contact your physician immediately. Many pregnant women may begin snoring during their pregnancy, and this is caused from excess pressure, but you need to make sure your snoring doesn't deprive the baby of oxygen. Try seeing your doctor so that they can rule this life-threatening issue out.
Ask your doctor if the medications you are taking can cause snoring. There are prescriptive medicines that are a direct cause of snoring. Muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, pain killers and antihistamines relax muscles and restrict the airway. This will lead to snoring.
If you snore, you may want to consider using nasal strips. A nasal strip looks sort of like a small adhesive bandage. They aren't the same as a Band-Aid though. Nasal strips are created with the intention of opening your nasal passageways while you sleep. You can breathe more easily from your nose that way, and therefore you will not snore.
Hopefully this article has shed some light on your snoring problem. Take what you have learned here and use it, and before you know it, you are likely to see a reduction in your snoring.

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